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All Men Should Do This Before Having Sex

Monday, July 11, 2022 | views Last Updated 2022-07-11T09:16:44Z

 For intimacy to work out, people need enough energy to be able to carry out the task. In common logic, men supposedly do all the hard lifting during intimacy. Therefore, all men should make it a point to always stay hydrated by drinking water before intimacy.

Libido is a term commonly used to describe intimate drive and activities. Hence if enough water is not taken in, it will affect the hormones and libido. Which as a result, reducing the urge for intimacy. And since men are the core of this act, they need to drink much water to sustain themselves.

Also, not drinking enough water could result in erectile dysfunction. For a man to have a firm erection for intimacy, the body's system needs to work together. Therefore if one is insufficient or lacking, such as when there is less fluid, then erectile dysfunction may occur. A reason why all men should always be hydrated before engaging in any intimate activities.

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  • All Men Should Do This Before Having Sex

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