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Stop Saying "I love You" Because It Is Outdated, Say This Instead

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 | views Last Updated 2022-06-28T16:24:09Z

 It is the most overused phrase ever. It's a wonderful gesture, but could you perhaps clarify whether you mean it? Tell me whether you truly believe that; a lot of people say it out of habit.

How did you manage to stay together for 65 years? a reporter asked an elderly couple. She said, "We were born at a time when we would fix anything that was broken.

 Don't just throw it away, I say. After hearing her remarks, I had to take a breath. Today, most individuals claim that love isn't loving at all but ownership.

 To be negative, I think that the majority of individuals in our generation simply don't understand the differences.

Therefore, if you're confused, refrain from saying "I love you." Do you wish to understand the difference between love and ownership? Keep reading as I explain.

Contrary to popular opinion, true love is not blind. Everything is visible to it. A loving relationship is not equally shared by both parties. It's a perfect 100/100 score. Making a complete commitment is required. It's not a delicate balancing act or a game of luck. Your entire being, including your heart, is on the line, and that's it.

Do not fall for the gimmicks. Love says, "I want you to be happy." "I want you to make me happy," says possession. Since possession is the complete opposite of love, it is also known as addiction. Mutual respect and commitment are the cornerstones of love.

As you can see, Possession employs the phrase "mine," whereas Love utilizes the term "us." Love is the sea, and possession is a cage. Possession strives to rule, whilst love seeks to release. In the same way, as possession aims to be, love does as well. 

Possession maintains receipts to remind them of their nice deeds.

Love doesn't keep score, but it does keep track of the fact that we're all on the same side. Possession hardens the heart, whilst love softens it. A blossom is pulled out of the ground by possession but fed by love. While possession tries to hide, love is transparent and open. Possession sees the body, whereas love sees the soul.

Love is a proponent of the method. Possession is in command of the direction. Possession wants to win this debate by demonstrating its superiority. Love aspires to forge bonds with other people. Love is drenched in light, whereas possession is immersed in darkness. Which argument is true? Asks about possession. Love says, "What's right."

Sweaty palms and a pounding heart are not signs of love. It explodes with significantly less noise. Possession will destroy everybody who comes in contact with it. Love heals all who come into contact with it. A fake document is a possession. The only true thing is love. Love endures forever, whereas possessions pass away.

However, perfection is an illusion, as we are all aware. Even love needs to eat. Sadly, we don't get a daily dosage of forgiveness and understanding, rather than just platitudes. So, are you ready to persevere in the face of hardship? Do you consciously choose love every day? Are you additionally willing to repair everything that needs to be fixed? Do it now and live happily forever.

Source: Opera news

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  • Stop Saying "I love You" Because It Is Outdated, Say This Instead

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