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Five (5) Clear Signs That Shows That A Woman Has Made You Her Second Choice

Monday, May 16, 2022 | views Last Updated 2022-05-16T17:20:01Z

 It pains to be labelled as a woman's second boyfriend as a guy. There are so many guys who developed a serious heartbreak after they realised that they were a side guy instead of the main. This also happened to me when I became a newbie in relationships. I took the burden upon myself to but clothes and pay the school fees of my girlfriend and I later realized I was been played.

That was a big blow for me but I kept my cool to be that gentle guy. There are some significant signs that shows that you're her second choice.

5. She takes forever to text you back

Funny enough, this us the first sign that shows that a woman has made you her second choice. She takes longer periods before even replying to your text messages. Even when the conversation is going on smoothly, she finds a way to cut it short.

4. Her friends don't know you exist

This us also one of the biggest blow you can ever receive from a woman. Her friends she does everything with would never even know you existed or there is cordial relationship between both of you.

3. You don't really know anything about her

She becomes secretive with you concerning her personal life. She tells you only the surface of her life and always reject your offer of seeing her friends or even parents.

2. You're always the one making the plans

Making plans with her becomes very tedious. She live her life that you never existed. She makes plans without you but anytime you try to include her to your plans, she tells you she is not interested in anything whatsoever.

1. You feel it deep down you

Your instincts would automatically tell you that the woman you moving out with is not the best option for you. Such feeling would be so intense and yiu have to take the necessary steps of you think it's from the right source.

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  • Five (5) Clear Signs That Shows That A Woman Has Made You Her Second Choice

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