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Do This To Win More Girls

Monday, May 16, 2022 | views Last Updated 2022-05-16T16:57:53Z

 Below are clever ways on how to get a girl interested in you.

1. Never approach women from behind or from her sides. It looks sneaky. Approach her face-to-face. It displays more confidence.

2. Text less to attract more. Texting should be the least preferred communication mode because it hides your expressions and body language that are crucial for attraction. Dating is a game of scarcity. Show your interest to a woman and disappear. You will be more valuable in her eyes.

3. Never tell your feelings. Never tell a person how you feel for them, instead show them. Let them keep guessing. It is more effective.

4. Be authentic. Never be a friend if you expect more than that. Love is like negotiation and you shouldn’t accept something least than you expect. It gives a vibe that you don’t have time for their drama. Be the person who shows least attention to create more attraction.You can never attract attractive people by showering attention. It is the universal truth.

5. Create sexual tension without touching. It is done subtly and by flirting. It creates instant attraction if you do it rightly. Abundance creates attraction. Show the person that you have abundance of people to choose from. Show that you have options. It makes you less desperate and it is an attractive trait.

6. Always be the one to pull away from the conversation. Be the first one to end the conversation. It shows that you value your time and have other stuffs to do. If you cut short your conversation, the other person always wants more of it. It creates attraction.

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  • Do This To Win More Girls

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