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4 Countries With Strict Dress Codes For Women

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | views Last Updated 2022-05-18T01:22:52Z

 The fashion industry is growing by the day as new outfits keep being invented, although people are allowed to dress the way they want, there are some fashion restrictions in some countries. If you love rocking certain types of outfits then you might want to keep them in your wardrobe whenever you visit countries with restrictions on some fashion items. Below is a list of these countries.

1. Saudi Arabia

If you can't live without showing off your skin or wearing sheer outfits, then Saudi Arabia isn't the place for you, because this type of fashion style is illegal. Crossdressing is also not allowed in Saudi Arabia, people who are caught engaging in this fashion style are usually arrested.

2. Uganda

Uganda is an African country where see-through, short-sleeved, and sleeveless are prohibited, especially among female government workers. Mini skirts, crop tops, and backless outfits are also banned in this country. So if you intend to visit Uganda, ensure that you don't add the above outfits to your luggage, you can wear nice long outfits like long gowns, trousers, and decent tops, or other African attires that don't expose your cleavage excessively because showing off cleavage is also not allowed in Uganda.

3. North Korea

North Korea is one of the countries in the world with the strictest rules, even rules about fashion are not left out. If you have plans of visiting North Korea soon, then you might like to go through some of their fashion rules. 

Skinny or ripped jeans are not allowed in North Korea, long hairstyles have also been banned, and branded T-shirts are also not allowed in North Korea. Piercings and dyed hair are also prohibited in North Korea. Ensure you adhere to these rules whenever you are in North Korea to avoid embarrassment.

4. China

When you're in China, avoid wearing overly revealing outfits that expose your skin, back, or shoulder region.

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  • 4 Countries With Strict Dress Codes For Women

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