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7 Reasons Why You Must Marry Female Teacher

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 | views Last Updated 2022-02-01T12:55:47Z

 1. Teachers Are Brilliant

Before a woman can be called a teacher, she must have been tested and trusted to be brilliant. If you marry a teacher, you are a lucky man because your households are likely to be more brilliant.

2. Teachers Have Times for Themselves and for Their Families

Whether she is a primary school teacher, secondary school teacher or a lecturer in a Polytechnic or University, she has time to take care of her family. Schools close around 2pm daily, or at worst, 3pm. That is to tell you that teaching does not kill the time of a teacher, unlike other jobs that close at 5pm to 6pm. Every man wants a woman that will always be there for him and his children. No man will be comfortable if his wife is too busy for him and his children. That is why teachers are great wives.

3. Teachers Are Calculative

Being calculative is one of the best things female teachers are known for. They don’t act without calculating first.

4. Female Teachers Are Economical

They have the ability to manage their man’s wealth and business without wastage. They are economical in the sense that they are not extravagant. When you get married to a teacher, your wealth is secured. Don’t bother about their excesses, they are not that way.

5. They Are Fashionable and They Dress Modestly

If you marry a teacher, your image and reputation will remain intact. You won’t have to worry about immoral dressings. They are always neat and modest in appearance

6. They Are Dream Driven

Teachers have dreams. They are usually dream driven. That is why they easily save up to ensure that their dreams are actualized.

7. Female Teachers Are Wise

Apart from being prudent in spending, teachers are generally wise. They can’t be cheated or intimidated. As intelligent as they are, they can defend themselves and their families anywhere they are taken to. They are wise in the sense that they don’t involve themselves in troubles. They have a way of doing things to avoid problems.

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  • 7 Reasons Why You Must Marry Female Teacher

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