Guy, 24, happily shows off his 73-year-old rich “obroni” girlfriend to the world; kisses, laps and gets intimate with her

 Love is the truest of all words and has no boundaries as well. A famous 24-year-old TikTok guy has happily shown off her 73-year-old white girlfriend to the world.

Apparently, despite the huge age difference, the two are very compatible with each other and willing to go the extra mile to see to the complete happiness of the fellow.

Although, a lot of social media users have expressed their displeasure over this relationship but the love birds probably care less about the sentiments of people who don’t matter to them.

In this romantic video that has received mixed reactions from netizens all over the world, the young guy can be seen getting intimate with his soulmate in a very affectionate manner.

He placed her on his lap, kissed and cuddled her passionately.

Source : Ghpage

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