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Do this to prevent sexual harassment

Friday, January 14, 2022 | views Last Updated 2022-01-15T01:20:56Z

 The death of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, Netflix’s decision to break connections with actor Kevin Spacey, and the spread of charges to Westminster are examples of this.

With a BBC survey revealing that half of women and a fifth of males in the UK had been sexually harassed at work or at school, it is evident that managers must foster a culture where employees can raise any concerns about sexual harassment and be assured that their concerns will be heard and addressed.

Free ways to keep your workplace free of harassment 

VinciWorks offers free resources to assist businesses recognize indicators of workplace harassment and understand how to create a welcoming, safe environment for all employees. 

Our brief risk survey is 100% anonymous and is designed to examine your workplace’s impression of sexual harassment. VinciWorks Here are some simple rules to follow to ensure that sexual harassment does not occur in your company. This should enable you to play a role in permanently stopping workplace sexual harassment. 

1. Know what sexual harassment is and what it isn’t.

Sexual harassment should be understood by all employees. Some instances are as follows:

Unfriendly jokes, gestures, insulting clothing statements, and unwelcome remarks Scratching or rubbing a coworker’s back, grasping an employee about the waist, and other forms of body contact are prohibited. 

 Requests for dates that are repeatedly declined or unwanted flirting transmitting or uploading sexual or other harassment-related emails or pictures Objects, photos, or posters that are sexually suggestive

 Playing music that is sexually suggestive 

2. Include harassment and discriminatory treatment training in your workplace. Employees and supervisors should be required to participate in frequent and continuous training. 

3. Annual or as-needed refresher training is recommended. 

VinciWorks offers an e-learning course on diversity and inclusion, which covers harassment. Check to see if your workplace has a sexual harassment policy. Your company should make a sexual harassment policy public and make sure that all employees are aware of it. 

Clear whistleblower and reporting methods should be included in the policy. If your company does not have a policy in place, talk to your boss about having one implemented.

Educate the public Awareness is the most effective way of prevention. 

Those who are aware of harassing behaviors are less likely to engage in them and more likely to notice any sort of harassment. This brief questionnaire will assist employees in determining their perceptions of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

 Establish explicit processes for reporting harassment. Any behavior that makes them or other employees uncomfortable must be reported by all employees. One thing we’ve learned from the most recent charges is that rather than reporting colleagues who are acting improperly at work, employees have shielded them. 

 Include employee well-being in review sessions and performance evaluations. These meetings are more than just a chance to discuss your employees’ performance and accomplishments; they’re also a chance to give employees a voice to report any employees who have made them or their coworkers feel uneasy.

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  • Do this to prevent sexual harassment

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