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Video account of how robber got locked up in a shop he broke into to steal

Thursday, December 2, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-12-02T09:28:43Z


A video gives an account of the moment a young robber broke into a shop, ostensibly to instill fear in the owners and steal some items.

He had entered the shop like any ordinary customer and started picking up items. The women in the shop, sensing danger after realizing that he was in to rob them bolted out .

One of the ladies called other women in the shop at the time to move out for safety and in turn locked the shop up .

The robber after picking up the items he had come for decided to leave. He later realized that the women had left the shop and closed it tightly.

He tried feverishly to break the entrance door in order to make his way out but it failed. He soon realized he had no exit plan which influenced his anxious attempt to get the door open.

He, then, fired shots at the locker in a frantic bid to escape. All attempts failed. There, he realized how he couldn’t escape which would certainly lead to his eventual arrest.

“I’m going to jail, the cops will come for me,” he muttered to himself.

The video below reveals much about the courage of the women to lock the robber up when he broke into their shop to steal items.

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  • Video account of how robber got locked up in a shop he broke into to steal

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