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NABCO Trainees Directed to Return to Work till further Notice [Letter]

Monday, November 15, 2021 | views Last Updated 2021-11-16T06:01:12Z

NABCO Trainees Directed to Return to Work till further Notice [Letter] The Communique was released on the Official NABCO social Median hand and it added that new trainees will be recruited in 2022 to conine with the policy. The letter was copied to various heads of departments to notify them on the development. Meanwhile the Nation Builders corps started in 2018 and Ended in October 2021, trainees were expected to be relieved of their posts in November and some departments including the Ghana health service had directed that all trainees go on a mandatory leave, the Ghana Standards Authority however had a different point they held to, the directed that their Trainees Stay back to be Made Permanent. Following a high-level Stakeholder meeting with the lead NABcO Module Implementation Partners (MIPs) led by His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and The Honorable Chief of Staf, all NABCO tainees are required to remain at post. In line with the exit preparation after your Three (3) years on the scheme, all NABCO trainees will remain at post pending permanent arrangements. The NABCO Secretariat expects trainees to continue to discharge their duties diligently and professionally at their various workplaces whilst the scheme and the MIPs work towards a smooth final transition. A new cohort of NABCO Trainees will be recruited next year. Some Trainees have however questioned the development stating that the process with only be tiring without any results, others had the opinion that it was the usual political games being played on them whilst others claim they won't be getting allowances to take care of themselves as expected, this according to them will make reporting to work a problem. Source: Upper west media

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  • NABCO Trainees Directed to Return to Work till further Notice [Letter]

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